Mouse River Players Community Theatre

Go Dog, Go!

Welcome to the magical world of P.D. Eastman’s classic children’s book – “Go, Dog, Go!” This is a world where our furry friends, the lovable dogs we all adore, are the kings of their domain. In this enchanting world, you’ll get to meet Yellow Dog, Blue Dog, Red Dog and pups of all colors, shapes, and sizes as they embark on exciting adventures.

This beloved tale has been brought to life, and through the power of imagination and creativity, you’ll get to join the characters as they work together, play, eat delicious treats, and even sing their favourite tunes. You’ll be amazed and delighted as this vibrant world of dogs comes to life – it’s a place where joy, wonder and laughter are in abundant supply. So come along on this fantastic journey, and be transported to a world where dogs truly are man’s best friend!

Expected run time is 90 minutes. 

There will be an an intermission.

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Go Dog, Go!