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Fox On The Fairway

Two country clubs, Quail Valley Country Club and Crouching Squirrel Country Club are squaring off and the stakes are ridiculously high. Henry Bingham, Executive Director of Quail Valley Country Club, is in a difficult position. With his job on the line and the best golfer in the city deciding to swap teams after being recruited by his rival, Dickie Bell, Executive Director of Crouching Squirrel Golf and Racquet Club, Henry’s only hope lies with a young man named Justin, his newly-hired-love-struck assistant.


Hopes run high until the weather takes a turn for the worse and rains down nothing but bad luck for everyone at Quail Valley Country Club. As events begin to spiral out of control, it looks like all may be lost. With a sizeable wager at stake, a disappearing diamond, and one unlucky break, it’s anyone’s game in this farcical romantic comedy. Will Henry keep his shirt? Can Justin win back his sweetheart? Who is behind those hideous knit sweaters? And just who will take home the trophy?! We won’t kiss and tell

January 4th-6th and January 11th-13th



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