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Auditions For The Diary Of Anne Frank

Audition Dates

Auditions will take place in the Arlene Theatre located at 115 1st St SE in Minot.

  • November 12th 6-8 pm

  • November 13th 6-8 pm

  •  November 14th 2-4  pm  


**If these times or dates do not work for you, please contact the theater before auditions begin to schedule a different day.

Character Descriptions for The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank
Female – 13 or 14 years of age – warm, witty, intelligent, charming, self-aware, sensitive, often impatient, sometimes a know-it-all, open, determined, easily hurt, spirited, hopeful, fun-loving, desperate, but never gives up.

Margot Frank
Female – 16 or 17 years old – pretty, quiet, obedient, frail, friendly, very intelligent, very close to her mother and father, peacemaker, admired by all.

Otto Frank
Male – 40’s – 50’s – Father of Anne and Margot and head of the group living in the Annex.  Upper middle-class background, wise, fair, loyal, patient, level-headed, decision-maker, teacher, beloved by workers and family, especially susceptible to Anne’s charms.  Devoted to his wife.

Edith Frank
Female – mid 40’s – A lovely woman, wife, and mother, from a wealthy German family, concerned, gracious, devoted to tradition, devastated by her relationship with Anne. Barely able to cope with the demands of everyday life in hiding and isolation.

Mrs. Van Daan
Female – Mid 30’s-40’s – loud, egotistical, talky, often crude, suspicious, bossy, moody, self-important, overbearing critical of others, flirtatious, feels she is the queen bee of the group.

Mr. Van Daan
Male – Mid 40’s to 50’s – selfish, complains, ungrateful, superficial, quarrelsome, highly critical of Peter, easily irritated.

Peter Van Daan
Male – 17-19 years old – withdrawn, unsure, awkward, immature, shy, attached to his cat.

Mr. Dussel
Male – Mid 40’s-50’s – dentist, stodgy, old-fashioned, hypercritical, selfish, picky, unhappy with everything.

Female – 25-40 years old – Austrian refugee living in the Netherlands, employed by Mr. Frank, courageous, empathetic, compassionate, and friendly.

Mr. Kraler
Male – 35-45 years old – Dutch, helps Miep with the responsibilities of those in the Annex, trusted colleague, and friend. An honest and good man. 

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Auditions For The Diary Of Anne Frank