Introducing The Speer Family

We are the Speer Family and we moved to Minot, ND three years ago. We got involved with Mouse River Players Theatre shortly after we moved, and have been involved as a family ever since then. After participating in The Orphan Train, our family knew we wanted to get more involved with this great organization. At the beginning of 2020 Heather became the President of the board for Mouse River Players Theatre and our family has been involved in many different roles since. With the theatre deciding to have a Ghost Light Season along with the ever changing COVID restrictions we decided this would be a great time to give a small part of the theatre some TLC. We took this opportunity as a family to work together and create something fun for all of the actors. The hallway leads to the “Green Room”, where the actors and actresses hang out before the upcoming shows. Throughout the project, we painted the walls, trim, door, replaced the carpet and gave the actors/actresses a word of encouragement before they went on stage. The great people at Home Depot here in Minot have been so generous to the theatre over the past two years. We told them what we were doing and why, and they donated materials which helped us accomplish this project.

Thank you Home Depot

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Introducing The Speer Family

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