Mouse River Players Community Theatre

Auditions Announced for “Puffs”

Mouse River Players is pleased to announce auditions for our third show of the season: Puffs Or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School for Magic and Magic by Matt Cox
November 10 at 4:00-6:00
November 11 at 3:00-5:00
November 12 at 3:00-5:00
No prepared audition necessary. Please come ready to read from the script.

Auditions are open to ninth graders and older.
11 characters- 2 M, 1 F, 8 either M or F
Most actors will be playing multiple roles
*there may be some cross gender roles

Synopsis from Concord Theatricals:
For seven years a certain boy wizard went to a certain Wizard School and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of the Puffs… who just happened to be there too. A tale for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.

Puffs is not authorized, sanctioned, licensed or endorsed by J.K Rowling, Warner Bros. or any person or company associated with the Harry Potter books, films or play.

Questions or requests to audition early can be sent via Facebook/Instagram messenger or email to [email protected]. If you are not able to attend these auditions please make arrangements before November 10th. All auditions are due by November 12th at 5 pm.

Auditions Announced for “Puffs”