Orphan Train Cast List

Cast List for Orphan Train: 1st meeting for all on Monday, Jan. 29th at 6:30pm

Trainrider Orphans Abigail Rogers; Kassie Anderson; Noelani Spade-Franken;
Cambree Lemasters; Dalton Barry; Annika Henjum; Kayla Prestwich; Rachel Phailan; Rhianna Kissner; Alethia Bloom; Caleb Jenkins; Xylia Michels; Joslin Slind
Conductor Tim Knickerbocker
Women (social workers) Linda Langseth; Heather Speer; Isobel Parton
Extra townspeople Sarah Potts, Mikayla Fry
Newskids Devyn Bechel; Elora Bailey, Sarah Potts, Mikayla Fry; Madison Leonard

Scene 1
Mary. Abigail Speer
Mrs. Herndon Sara Bloom
Mrs. Williams (social worker) Heather Speer

Scene 2
Frank (ie) Ruby Main
Henry Jake Thrailkill
Hannah Breanna Benson

Scene 3
Raymond Jacob Main
Carnival Man Conner Donovan

Scene 4
Evie Molly Kostek
James Miles Way
Emily Emily Kostek

Scene 5
Lucky Kole Erickson
Woman (activist) Courtney DuPona
Man Tim Knickerbocker

Scene 6
Pegeen Madi Giffey
Old Man (Jeff) Ken Haarstad
Teacher Amy Jenkins
Harvey Rylan Thompson
School children Alethia Bloom; Caleb Jenkins; Xylia Michels; Joslin Slind

Scene 7
Danny Harris Barry
Man Don Waage
Lady Karen Anderson

Scene 8
Annie McKenna Thompson
Little Lucy Eielson Barry
Man John Fishpaw
Woman Brittany Knickerbocker

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The Ward County Historical Society is planning a Chautauqua event and needs your help

The date of the presentation is Tuesday July 18th at 6PM in the Schoolhouse on the State Fairgrounds.  Actors of all ages are needed to portray various historical character types (some may be real, others fictional).  The event will be unscripted and will be improvisational around a common theme.  Costumes and small props will be provided with MRP assistance. The presentation is being created by Intern Bryan Goetsch for the WCHS Board and MSU professors of history.  First meeting to discuss questions and determine roles is Friday July 7th at 6PM at the schoolhouse.  A Rehearsal meeting will be done on Monday July 17 at 6PM at the schoolhouse to finalize speeches and organize appearance order.

Please help support this Ward County Historical Society event.

Orphan Train Is Arriving On MRP Stage

“The Orphan Train” movement traces its roots to 1854, relocating about 200,000 orphaned, abandoned, or homeless children.

New York City suffered from overcrowding, disease, crime, and family life breakdown.  “Street Arabs” were kids who lived in the alleys and streets struggling to stay alive. The desperate situation inspired Charles Loring Brace to create the NY Children’s Aid Society in 1853.

The children rode with agents (social workers of the day) aboard trains to the West and Midwest in search of a better life.   Advertisements and flyers were mailed to towns along the route announcing selected stops.

Andrew H. Burke (ND’s 2nd governor) traveled on an Orphan Train. MInot resident, Bill Kelly was an orphan train kid.

Although the placings were not always totally satisfactory in every case, the “Orphan Trains” relocated approximately 250,000 children from 1854-1929.

Photos below are from our 2007 productions which played to sold out audiences.