Escanaba In da Moonlight

Escanaba in da Moonlight by Jeff Daniels

October 2015

When the Soady clan reunites for the opening day of deer season at the family’s Upper Peninsula camp, 35-year-old Reuben Soady brings with him the infamous reputation of being the oldest Soady in the history of Soadys never to bag a buck; This hunting story to beat all hunting stories spins a tale of humor, horror and heart as Reuben goes to any and all lengths to remove himself from the wrong end of the family record book.

Cast List

Albert Soady Joe Koppingr
Reuben Soady Jason McManus
Remnar Soady Carl Smith
Jimmer Neganmane Brandon Shafer
Ranger Tom T. Treado Grey Wallstrum
Wolf Moon Dance Soady Brittany Knickerbocker

Production Staff

Director Tim Knickerbocker
Stage Manager Courtney DuPona
Scenic Design and Construction Head Tim Knickerbocker
Set Crew Grey Wallstrum, Joe Koppinger, Grant Johnson, Daniel Knickerbocker, Brittany Knickerbocker, Lin Knickerbocker, Marcus DuPona, Courtney DuPona
Costume Coordinator Lin Knickerbocker
Props Coordinator Kena Davidson
Props Assistant Brittany Knickerbocker
Lighting Design Brittany Knickerbocker
Lighting Crew Daniel Knickerbocker, Lin Knickerbocker, Tim Knickerbocker, Courtney DuPona
Lighting Operator Daniel Knickerbocker
Sound Design C.J. Leigh
Sound Board Operator Lin Knickerbocker
Poster Design< Brittany Knickerbocker
Program and Lobby Design Courtney DuPona
Producer Nancy Pearson


Hensen’s Fur & Leather Downtown Mall
David Bradley Tucker Koppinger
Minot Daily News Newman Signs, Inc.
Terry Bostow Steve Johnson